Well, that was an unexpected hiatus

A Girl would like to apologize for her absence. When she began this blog, she was neck-deep in playing a weekly Dungeons and Dragons game, beginning to play a monthly World of Darkness Mage game, and running a monthly Dungeons and Dragons game. In between the tabletop experiences, she played Killer Bunnies, Fluxx, Quao, We Didn’t Playtest This At All, Munchkin, House on the Hill, Prophecy, and Apples to Apples.

Then THE DRAMATIC INTERLUDE. A Girl does not wish to talk about that at this time.


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As a result of THE DRAMATIC INTERLUDE, A Girl stopped playing games for several years. Board games were not fun without the former gaming crews. Tabletop role-playing games made her enter HULK SMASH. And not She-Hulk, with her impossible cleavage and shiny skin and hair.


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And then I grew up a little. I realized talking in the third person can be fun, but it’s really easy to cross the line from “fun” to “bloody annoying.” I realized that if THE DRAMATIC INTERLUDE was the end to several friendships, then those friendships hadn’t been worth much. And I realized that I am a sassy, semi-classy woman, kicking ass and taking names, and have enough casual nerdy acquaintances that finding new people to game with wasn’t going to be hard.

So my hiatus has ended. I’m going to talk (a lot) about the games I play. I’ve played board games of varying stripes since I was 3 (thanks for the Hungry Hungry Hippos, Dad!) and tabletop RPGs since I was 14 (somewhere between one and two decades, now). I’m back with a regular Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) group and on off weeks we play Cards Against Humanity and Munchkin at my dining room table. Games are a universal experience, and you often get fun stories from them.

I’m also going to talk about games for a personal reason – many, many women play board games and tabletop RPGs, but few talk about it publicly. Even fewer are known for it. Shelly Mazzanoble and Felicia Day are two of the best-known female game speakers, and they represent a broad swatch of the female gamer spectrum (Shelly is a girly-girl who started playing D&D as an adult, Felicia is the Queen of the Nerd Girls), but there are many female gamers out there who fall somewhere between the two. And I’d like to think that using this small corner of the Internet to talk about games might change someone’s mind about said games, whether it be a desire to play, a ceasing of hostilities against female gamers, or a better understanding of why someone bothers to play.


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So welcome to my world. It’s often silly, occasionally offensive, and chock full of imagination. Hope you enjoy your stay.


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