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What am I doing?

February 21, 2014

When I started this blog, the goal was to talk about the excellent adventures in gaming that I experienced. I’m still gaming – both board and table-top role-playing – and still enjoying them. However, as the giant gaps in my posting time indicate, I’m not willing to write about them. Or at least, not willing to write about them yet (never say never, right?). Besides, with entertaining options like Tabletop available for gamers and non-gamers, the niche is quickly being filled by people more awesome than I currently am.

Wow, that was way more emo than intended.


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The point is that writing about my experiences as a gamer no longer motivates me to blog. I’m not sure what, in fact, does motivate me to blog. But I want to write. This is my corner of the Internet, and it’s a chance to write about things that are important to me. Maybe my blathering will connect with someone else, and maybe it won’t. But I think it’s time to start exploring my life through words, because I want to.

Here’s to the first post of (hopefully) (many) blog entries to come.